The Hidden Threat

What happens when there’s nowhere to go? No parks to visit? No bays in which to swim or fish? What happens when everything will repeat, day in and day out?

At the end of Erebus, Dash and the other characters are in a completely foreign situation. Their world will never, can never, be the same. In one sense, they’re not unlike pioneers exploring a new frontier, and that metaphor will work for awhile, but refugee would be more apt.

Book 2 sees the characters enduring life aboard their ships, their arks transporting them to Mars. The way I see it, most of the challenges will be psychological. Behaviors change in confined populations, even for those trained and prepared for the rigors of space travel.

But what will people miss most about their old lives? Will someone snap because they can’t have a Coca Cola? Will sweets become currency? How long will it take for someone to set up a still in an effort to medicate themselves with alcohol?

Many of the challenges that spaceflight inflicts revolve around boredom, not unlike prison or life on a submarine. And, of course, with the mixing of genders, there’s always the danger of predatory behavior.

I’m excited to work on Book 2. My research has taken me in unexpected directions more than once, but everything tells me the true danger in spaceflight comes from our minds.

We will be our own worst enemies.

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