The Truth About Publishing

Whether you’re an indie author or a writer with a shiny book deal, the truth is that publishing takes a great deal of work. The biggest difference is a publisher does most of the work for their authors (covers, design, layout, etc.) where as an indie author gets to do all of that too!

Fun times!

As I showed you last week, Erebus is coming along nicely. I actually submitted the Kindle version for publication and am working on the paperback version.

Still working. I’m still working on the paperback edition. That’s what I meant to say.

If you haven’t published a book before, here’s how it works:

  • First you write the story.
  • Then you revise the story.
  • Then you edit the story.
  • Crap. You really need to make some changes to this story.
  • Back to editing.
  • So much garbage. Another draft!
  • The editing doesn’t end, does it?
  • Cover art! Yay! Photoshop time. That was fun.
  • Submit it to Amazon. Feel massive surge of pride.
  • Download copy to your phone/mobile/dedicated reader
  • Weep that you misspelled something.
  • Also, you left in a character name you took out six versions ago.
  • Tweak the text. Resubmit.
  • Repeat until the heat death of the universe.

I am mostly kidding. At some point, you submit a version that contains no errors spotted by yourself, your editors, or your beta readers, but the reading public will find them, never fear.

The paperback version of a book requires different work, but no less diligence. You need to watch for errant blank pages that didn’t show up in your manuscript, but appear anyway. That’s a biggie because each page adds to the cost.

That’s where I am right now. Tweak, adjust, fix. Repeat as necessary. Send happy thoughts, and possibly some caffeine!

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