Erebus Cover Reveal

I’ve had a bit of time the past few weeks to really knuckle down and finish my current novel, In the Shadow of Erebus. Made quite of bit of progress, actually. Made lots of tweaks to the text, killed off a few fish heads and fish tails, and generally cleaned it up.

As an indie author, a lot of the work comes down to me. So, when I wasn’t massaging the manuscript, I started work on the cover. Cover design is part of the process I truly enjoy, so I hope people enjoy this one.

Without further ado, I present the cover to Erebus!


In the Shadow of Erebus has been the working title for most of the life of this book, but I just felt it was too long, too unwieldy. Plus, it sounds much more like a fantasy title than a science fiction novel. Erebus is cleaner, in my humble opinion.

Right now, I’m working on the Kindle edition, which I’ve sworn to my wife I will try to get out in June.

Or die trying.

She might hold me to that, so I’d best get back to work!

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